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Three Little Words...

So, with the demise of the Three Word Wednesday blog, the adventures of Bernitte and their serial Red Handed has been on hiatus, much like Bujilli. I considered making use of various random generators out on the web to provide a fresh set of three words every week...but none of them really quite hit the spot, not like the Three Word Wednesday prompts. It was a fun weekly challenge, for a while, a nice companion to producing a new episode of Bujilli's misadventures in Wermspittle (and Beyond) every Thursday and the Eight-Word Serial I was doing for Zeelia as well. In a way the Three Words challenge was a sort of warm-up for Bujilli & Zeelia both, and I have missed writing those serials quite a bit. Stopping wasn't exactly voluntary, but I don't wish to bore anyone with the gory details of my little excursion into serious illness and slow-going recovery. Let's just say that 'I got better,' (...more or less...) and leave it at that. I've spent a l