A Few Things About 2018

So 2018 is nearly over and done with and I'm still working away on a ton of stuff, getting more done every day, getting better organized and more productive, more effective as I learn the ins-and-outs of Scrivener and InDesign and spend more time drawing or writing, just drawing or writing. As if "just" is anywhere near the right word for that.

Yes, I did indeed participate in Leah's Creative Every Day Challenge for 2018. I did not post anything to this blog about it, mostly because I had to make the decision of where best to focus my efforts and energies, and I opted to work on getting healthy, getting back up to speed and being creative every day regardless of whatever I did or did not post to a blog or whatever. I dislike and distrust the notion that we ought to be documenting our every bowel movement or random thought to some social media collective cacophony. So I opted to work on my projects and let the blogs lie fallow for a bit. A new drawing, a new short story, even drafting-up some new notes about a particular project (especially if it had a file-folder for such things now) was more valuable and a better use of my time than one more blog post. That was my thinking, that was how I felt, and that was how I approached 2018.

I began the year with a fistful of ambition, loads of plans and schemes, and quite a back-log of projects that I hoped to finally get completed...and even though I ran into some bumps in the road and struggled at times, I got healthier, stronger, and set about rebuilding my life and getting things done. Serious chronic illness has cost me a lot, but it has taught me more than I could ever have realized. I don't intend to waste any time on making promises or making any speculative noises about what I may or might not get around to finishing--two things I never want to post about ever again are updates regarding my health or the stuff that's in progress. Talking about stuff isn't getting stuff done...and Done is now officially my favorite four-letter word of choice.

So yeah, I will be signing-up to participate in Leah's Creative Every Day Challenge for 2019. It will be a daily prompt to get something done, and right now that's something I hope to put to good use...so I can get more things done, once and for all.

...and this thing above here is a sample of some of what I was able to get done this year, so far...


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