A Challenge for 2018

Over the course of November 2017 I participated the Art Every Day Month Challenge. You can look over my various and sundry bits and pieces by doing a search for any posts containing the AEDM2017 tag, or by simply clicking [HERE]. I am especially happy with The Sun, Moon and Stars pieces, as well as the Crumply Trees and the RedChild. I really enjoyed creating those pieces fresh, right there and then for the daily challenge. It was a lot like when I was still writing Bujilli's serialized adventures live every Thursday. I miss doing that. With luck I hope to start a new chapter for Bujilli sometime soon. I can't guarantee it will be a weekly serial written live-without-a-net every Thursday, but he and Leeja will be returning, one way or another, when the time is right.

It was also very helpful to complete a few other outstanding loose-ends like the Nine-Eyed Wizard from Clatterdelve, the Yzel, Dekapus and Molluscmonger, as well as the Masked Wizard slated for the cover of a special Hereticwerks project that has been lost in the heaps and mounds and stacks of notes, sketches and other debris that used to bury my work-space. Yes. I said "used to." The last month, in-between family-stuff, holiday-stuff, and all that end-of-year-stuff, my wife and I began the process of getting my various projects, files, folders and so forth actually-factually organized once and for all. We've even made serious headway in getting my files and folders in the computer organized. Heck, we even cleared out and re-sorted our attic storage space.

I know that doesn't sound terribly exciting to anyone else, but seriously, getting the chance to clear away old, dead crap and consolidate needless duplicates, and getting things in order so that I can be somewhat productive again has been a truly wonderful experience after the last few years descent into chronic pain and all that goes with it.

I get to rebuild my life now.

One way I intend to do this is to participate in Leah's Creative Every Day Challenge for 2018. I'll do a new drawing,write a new bit of fiction, stat-up a new monster, or do some other sort of creative thing every day while putting the majority of my effort and energy into wrapping-up one after another of the dozens of projects that have languished or stalled-out in the jumbly-tumbly untidy hedgerow-maze of a mess that my desk used to be...but I'm not going to be posting about this every day. Maybe I'll do a weekly update post. I will also do something for the theme each month. Definitely.

As you might have noticed, I re-organized the side-bar for this blog again. There's a graphic for the Creative Every Day Challenge 2018, some links, and a blog-roll for those bloggers participating in the 2018 Challenge, with the Art Every Day Month links and blogroll for 2017 below that.

So now I need to go and get to work on something for the January Theme: "Be The Light."

Have a Great 2018 and Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  1. That's a cool sun drawing. I need to get organized, too. My friend sent me a YouTube link of an artist who has an extensive organized file of art reference photos. Wow.


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