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Left-Over Doodle...

Click to Embiggerate This mask-face-thing was left-over from AEDM2017, so I spent some time playing around with some layers and color effects to try out a couple of things.

A Challenge for 2018

Over the course of November 2017 I participated the Art Every Day Month Challenge . You can look over my various and sundry bits and pieces by doing a search for any posts containing the AEDM2017 tag , or by simply clicking [HERE] . I am especially happy with The Sun , Moon and Stars pieces, as well as the Crumply Trees and the RedChild . I really enjoyed creating those pieces fresh, right there and then for the daily challenge. It was a lot like when I was still writing Bujilli's serialized adventures live every Thursday. I miss doing that. With luck I hope to start a new chapter for Bujilli sometime soon. I can't guarantee it will be a weekly serial written live-without-a-net every Thursday, but he and Leeja will be returning, one way or another, when the time is right. It was also very helpful to complete a few other outstanding loose-ends like the Nine-Eyed Wizard from Clatterdelve, the Yzel, Dekapus and Molluscmonger, as well as the Masked Wizard  slated for the