AEDM2017, Day 19...Some Doodling Around.

Art Everyday Month is an artistic challenge established by Leah Koildas at her blog Creative Every Day. She explains it pretty well on a page dedicated to the Challenge. Essentially, those participating set themselves the goal of producing some one creative work each day for the entire month of November. In some respects it is like Inktober, which I opted out of due to a lot of scheduling conflicts...but maybe next year I can do both challenges. So, for this year, for Creative every Day Month, I will be posting fresh new drawings and other artwork here at my personal blog. some of these will get statted-up as critters for our Hereticwerks blog--you didn't really think otherwise did you?--but some will be just for the sake of trying some technique out, or to do something I haven't done in a while.

Today I did this...


We spent a large part of today visiting some friends, so I was only able to get a few doodles and a small experiment in Photoshop late tonight. Still made the deadline. Looking forward to tomorrow's project.


  1. WOW, the texture is amazing. I love what you do in PS. I have the program, very old, but paid more than I did for my first computer. I still don't know how to use it properly. You are an inspiration to me.

    1. The texture is based on an old photo from a road-trip we took three or four years ago. If you want to start using Photoshop, just open it up and start experimenting with the various functions. There is a lot of stuff built into the program and it can take years to unlock even a good portion of what the program can really do...and as you try things you'll find whole new ways of doing stuff, new effects, new options--it can be quite an adventure. Oh, if your program is an older version, you can often find guidebooks and manuals for the older versions really, really cheap at places like Half Price Books. There are also a lot of fun tutorials on Youtube that might give you some inspiration for getting started. Have Fun!


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