AEDM 2017, Day 6 [Inspired by Clark Ashton Smith]

Art Everyday Month is an artistic challenge established by Leah Koildas at her blog Creative Every Day. She explains it pretty well on a page dedicated to the Challenge. Essentially, those participating set themselves the goal of producing some one creative work each day for the entire month of November. In some respects it is like Inktober, which I opted out of due to a lot of scheduling conflicts...but maybe next year I can do both challenges. So, for this year, for Creative every Day Month, I will be posting fresh new drawings and other artwork here at my personal blog. some of these will get statted-up as critters for our Hereticwerks blog--you didn't really think otherwise did you?--but some will be just for the sake of trying some technique out, or to do something I haven't done in a while.

Today I did this...

This strange creature was inspired by a sketch left behind by Clark Ashton Smith, one of my all-time favorite authors. You can find a lot of Smith's fiction, poetry, artwork and more at the Eldritch Dark website.I have a series of pieces like this one that have been inspired by Smith's works, so I may post one or two more of these things over the course of the month...


  1. This is incredibly unusual. I really like it, even if it is a bit scary and creepy.

    1. The original sketch by Clark Ashton Smith is pretty weird and creepy in itself, so I did my best to keep the flavor of the original as I re-drew the thing. Glad you liked it despite it being a bit scary...I'm working on some much less frightening things, in-between the monsters, aliens and robots that I have scattered across my workspace for various projects.

  2. I think your creature comes out of a butterfly caterpiller. :)

    1. I like that idea. That would make for a nice illustration in itself...


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