AEDM 2017, Day 13 [Dekapus, Colorized]

Art Everyday Month is an artistic challenge established by Leah Koildas at her blog Creative Every Day. She explains it pretty well on a page dedicated to the Challenge. Essentially, those participating set themselves the goal of producing some one creative work each day for the entire month of November. In some respects it is like Inktober, which I opted out of due to a lot of scheduling conflicts...but maybe next year I can do both challenges. So, for this year, for Creative every Day Month, I will be posting fresh new drawings and other artwork here at my personal blog. some of these will get statted-up as critters for our Hereticwerks blog--you didn't really think otherwise did you?--but some will be just for the sake of trying some technique out, or to do something I haven't done in a while.

Today I finished colorizing the Dekapus from Day 2...

So there's my first attempt at colorizing the Dekapus. I suspect that I will be drawing up a few more of these fellows in the days ahead as they demand better representation in Wermspittle...


  1. I hope I can leave a comment, because I can't seem to get anything but a Blogger error.

    1. Not sure what's going on. I saw the notice that our cable provider is going to be doing some work around our area this week, so maybe that caused the disruption? In any case, looks like things are working now. Fingers crossed...


  2. Wow, today it worked. Yesterday all I got were errors. I even left you a message on AEDM.

    This is a very colorful piece, and I like the eyes and colorful tentacles.

    1. I have checked everything behind the dash for the blog and it all seems to be working fine...but Blogger has had a few hiccups here and there, from time to time. Google might be upgrading or improving or otherwise monkeying around behind the scenes again...

      Glad you like the Dekapus. It took a while to colorize this one, as I was trying out a few new things...


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