Tales From Wermspittle: An Index

Here follows an index of short fiction, vignettes and such that take place in and around Wermspittle.
I will attempt to keep this index updated on a fairly regular basis.
I'm also at work on an Intro to Wermspittle and a few other related things.
There are a bunch of RPG-related materials based on Wermspittle available at the Hereticwerks blog.

Red Handed
A serial-of-sorts that has grown out of the 3-Word-Wednesday writing prompts.
Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Dead Letters
Another, irregular serial-of-sorts that got started over at Burrst. In this case, the stories focus on Gnosiomandus in the days leading up to the arrival of Bujilli at the Academy in Wermspittle. I'll add new installments whenever works out.

Night in the Forest
Posted: 2/1/17
A short story based on a prompt from The Writing Reader.

Posted: 8/28/15
Silas and the Patchwerk Girl, a story that may continue....

Posted: 4/4/14
Rustling up grubs in the deep dark below...

Posted: 2/28/14
Human life isn't necessarily cheap in Wermspittle, but it does have a price...

Posted: 2/14/2014
An alternative viewpoint to Cutting Loose.

Post: 2/12/2014
A group of soldiers wander out of a war and into the weirdness along one of the Cold Roads leading to Wermspittle.

Posted: 2/7/14
Madness is in the eye of the beholder; but which one is the reflection of the other?

Posted: 1/31/14
A brief moment in the life of three young Foragers...

Posted: 1/11/14
Vorthrid wakes up to a harsh new reality after leaving Idvard's Keep. Maybe he can make a new life for himself here along the Inner Ramparts...
[A continuation, of sorts, of Bujilli: Episode 47]

Posted: 4/12/13
A girl out to avenge her brother's untimely death discovers that not everything is as she assumed or believed. Sometimes the greatest challenge one can face is the lies that blind us to a particularly painful truth.
This story is a spin-off from the on-going Bujilli serial set in Wermspittle featuring Gudrun (whom we haven't seen since Bujilli: Episode 21), and Sharisse (last seen in Episode 33), and taking place sometime after the events of Series Two.

Posted: 11/30/12
A Wermspittle story, this time dealing with the creation of the Jewel of Souls...

Posted: 11/2/12
There are monsters. This guy deals with them on a regular basis.

Posted: 3/22/12
This may well be the piece that caused Wermspittle to come all together, at least in part.


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