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Making Progress...

Got some work done today on Chernobyl Sunrise, a Mythos Future serial that has lain dormant for some time. Still needs a lot of work, but it was fun to revisit this one. I also worked on the Zeelia compilation that will include a brand new Episode 21. This is nearly ready to go and will be uploaded to DrivethruFiction as a freebie in another day or so. I'm also assembling some of the old Riskail Fiction stories into an anthology of sorts to make them more available. So yeah, progress is being made...

High Tombs of Yuddoth (Lost Art)

Need to rebuild this one...

More New t-shirts at Zazzle

More new T-shirt designs are showing up at Zazzle, like the Ymid: Ymid (2) T-Shirt by hereticwerks

New Story at 365 Tomorrows: Growing Up

Another one of my short stories just went up at 365 Tomorrows . It is titled " Growing Up ," and I hope you like it.

Cthulhu Made Me Do It: A collection of my HPL-inspired designs at Zazzle

Just set-up a few Collections at Zazzle featuring work from previous projects including one devoted to some miscellaneous old Lovecraftian designs... Cthulhu Made Me Do It by Garrison james

Zaram-Bal T-Shirt (Version 1)

The current discount code is "STUCKONYOU40" which will save you 15% on any of our T-shirts, including the latest one... Zaram-Bal T-shirt (version one) by hereticwerks There will be a more fully colored version of this T-shirt available later, probably next week.

Read That Letter

We should all read this letter that our representatives are trying to silence.  Here is a link to the letter at Time .

New Story available at 365 Tomorrows

I am very pleased to announce that one of my recent short stories was accepted and published over at 365 Tomorrows . It is titled: ' An Empire With No Place for Us .' 

Tales From Wermspittle: An Index

Here follows an index of short fiction, vignettes and such that take place in and around Wermspittle. I will attempt to keep this index updated on a fairly regular basis. I'm also at work on an Intro to Wermspittle and a few other related things. There are a bunch of RPG-related materials based on Wermspittle available at the Hereticwerks blog. Red Handed A serial-of-sorts that has grown out of the 3-Word-Wednesday writing prompts. Part One   Part Two   Part Three Dead Letters Another, irregular serial-of-sorts that got started over at Burrst . In this case, the stories focus on Gnosiomandus in the days leading up to the arrival of Bujilli at the Academy in Wermspittle. I'll add new installments whenever works out. Night in the Forest Posted: 2/1/17 A short story based on a prompt from The Writing Reader . Chemistry Lessons (1) Posted: 8/28/15 Silas and the Patchwerk Girl, a story that may continue.... Bacon and Eggs Posted: 4/4/1

Red Handed Part Three [Three Word Wednesday, Week 317]

This week for  3 Word Wednesday  we have been given the words  Tangy, Unhinged and Vapid  to use in a piece of fiction. Today we're picking up where we left off with Bernitte with Part Three of the irregular series ' Red Handed. '  A voormi warrior screamed as they whirled back and around revealing a doll clutching and gnashing and pulling a bloody elastic loop of intestine out through the wound. Another warrior skewered the nasty doll with their spear and lobbed it over the edge of the roof with a quick thrust of their spear. "None of us can run away now. Will you help us fight these things?" Previously in   Part Two Bernitte turned to look behind her. Down the side of the building. Dozens of filthy, toothsome, evil little dolls were clambering and climbing their way up the fire escape. Where there were too many dolls for the railings or ladders the hateful gnashing things were scaling the rough walls of the building. each doll that slipped and f

Night in the Forest (Writing Reader Prompt #1985)

Prompt #1985: Night in the Forest The Writing Reader Gunther adjusted his goggles for the fifteenth time. Sweat made the frayed leather slippery. He'd already tightened the things as best he could but it was just too old, too worn-out. One more thing it wouldn't do a bit of good to complain about. He had a lot of those. But there'd be fewer after tonight. He stopped, swung his lantern about slowly, listening for the tell-tale hiss that would signal the presence of nasty things. At least that was what it was supposed to do, if the old woman hadn't been lying to him back in the free-market. She probably had lied. The lantern was growing hot in his hand despite his glove. too bad he'd lost the hooked iron rod that had come with the thing. He realized what it had been for, now that it would do him no good. A glint of purple. Gunther held his breath. Waited. Watched. There it was again. The goggles worked,or at least the lenses did. He moved toward the purple