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Dark Worlds Beyond: Schemes of an Outsider

Methane ice clings tenaciously to the inner-rims of the craters near here, slowly sublimating into oblivion as the dim sunlight leaks over the edges. It'll take thousands of years for the weak light to finally eradicate the dirty ice. With any luck I won't be here to witness its victory.

Though I've paid the price and made the trip, I have no intention of staying on this nameless little moonlet between Zaoth and Abbith. The metal brains that occupy the seven hundred sixty seven notable bodies orbiting the forty two acknowledged centers of gravity in this system of seven green stars are content with only a minimal presence here. They use it mostly as a type of retreat, a quiet place to get away from the massively parallel calculations and computations the majority of their kind are involved in. This moon is also one of the places where they dump discarded brain cannisters.

It's not that they do not trust the Mi-Go. No one who knows anything does. And the metal brains k…

Photo Art Friday (September 5,2015)

This time I used one of the photos we took on our most recent foray into the local woods...

Bujilli: You Decide!

The serialized weekly adventures of Bujilli & Leeja continue every Thursday. In fact, I'm off to go write the next episode right now. You can catch up on last week's episode HERE. Also, please keep in mind that you don't have to be interested in role-playing games to join in the fun--any reader who wants to comment can help decide what happens next. First-time commenters are always welcome!

Forbidden (Will Return)

The adventures of Gabrielle Adams will continue...

Zeelia's Red World (1)


Red Handed, Part Two:[Three Word Wednesday, Week 443]

This week for 3 Word Wednesday we have been given the words Amusing, Deeply and Elastic to use in a piece of here goes...oh, and I'm naming this impromptu series 'Red Handed,' at least for now... Bernitte clambered over the iron grate to reach the roof. Pigeons twittered and cooed and rose in a flapping cloud of feathers and filth. The edges of the roof-top were coated with whitish guano that came up over her ankles, but she didn't mind that so much. It wasn't the lurid purple glow of the red forest surrounding the skylight that stopped her in her tracks so much as it was the cluster of make-shift huts huddled together at the base of a large fern-tree. That and the stacks of various skulls. And the points of over a dozen spears pointed at her by a tribe of voormis...
Previously in  Part One
Not all the skulls stacked around the edges of the little voormi encampment were rats, penguins or monkeys. There were a few with horns, some had deformities or tumor…