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Chemistry Lessons (1)

Silas sneezed. Delicate glass crunched. He opened his eyes slowly. Afraid of what he'd see before him on the lab table. The tube was ruined. He'd squeezed too tightly. Involuntarily. Too bad. Now it was broken. The four percent solution had spattered across the jumbled notebooks, beakers, tins and other chemist's impedimenta piled all over his work space. No fire. This time. That was good news, such as it was. He set the tongs down and retrieved his broom and the dust-pan. The glass was too brittle to salvage, so he brushed it into the pan and would dump it into the rusty old barrel out back. One of the lackeys or minions would haul it away once the barrel was filled. Silas didn't want to know where they dumped all that toxic sludge. In his line of work one did not ask too many questions of one's patrons. A putty knife picked up a good deal of the congealing white powder residue. Thankfully this had only been a four-percent solution and not something more power

Baharat (Progress Report 1)

Baharat is progressing nicely. We expect it to be ready to launch shortly.

Three Word Wednesday (Week 442)

This week for 3 Word Wednesday we have been given the words Menacing, Rampant, and Unravel to use in a piece of here goes... Bernitte rubbed bronze-chalk into her hands. No matter how many times she'd done this in the past, before a rehearsal or a show, it always made her heart race. It was in her blood. Six generations of her family had made their way in Wermspittle since just before the bombs fell and the airships stopped coming. Her gift for acrobatics had made her a valuable member of the circus troupe, despite Rinaldo's constant grumbling that she was being 'wasted.' He'd just as soon pimp her out to whomever could make him the best offer. She was getting tired of his menacing stares and threatening glares from the sidelines during her practice sessions. they both knew it was only a matter of time before Vindressi would succumb to the tumors ravaging his tired old body...and then Rinaldo would become Ringmaster and liegelord of the troup