Quick Update (July 2014)

Yes, I've been busy wrapping-up a lot of work on projects that have been languishing on the desk for far too long.  No, I have not abandoned Zeelia. Far from it. I'm working on the cover art today for the compilation of Episodes 1-20. I'm taking the opportunity to revise the entries so that they can breathe a little bit better and are not quite so compressed as a few have gotten in the past. I also am writing-up a short prologue piece to help set things into motion. The finished pdf will go up to DriveThruFiction once my wonderful in-house editor has had a chance to go over it a couple of times with a fine-tooth comb. I'll also take a shot at converting it into some other formats using Scrivener, so we'll see how that turns out. If anyone has a suggestion as to another venue I should consider for the first Zeelia compilation, please let me know either via comments or email: garrisonjames64 -at- Gmail. Thanks!

Once the compilation is done and out there, I plan on returning to Zeelia for another run, sticking with the 8-sentence structure for Weekend Writing Warriors and doing a follow-up compilation, if the series continues to do well.


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