Martha (Writing Prompt 105)

Martha’s smile was dangerous. It wasn't the three rows of needle-sharp teeth she inherited from her mother. No. It wasn't the clear green venom that trickled across her pointed tongue. No. What made Martha's smile incredibly dangerous was the way she pouted her lips all luscious and lascivious and hungry-like. Blending appetite and avarice came easy to her, as it did for all her kin on her father's side. She rarely needed to do much else, just stand there in the usual pose, wearing the expected minimum, oh so pedestrian, all too conventional--it worked, so she didn't complain. There was always time to wear something else or to assume a more comfortable position when the screaming, the bleeding and the devouring was over. She liked it better when they thrashed about a bit. It almost made up for the damned shoes with those ridiculous heels...

Ganymeder writes the Pinholes serial, among other wonderful things and they also post a Weekly Writing Prompt. This short-short is inspired by Writing Prompt #105.


  1. Ha! That was AWESOME. My favorite part is about the 'ridiculous heels'... :D


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