Datadex: Jarpha

Datadex: Jarpha
Jarpha   (Jar-FAH)
Their origins were forcibly redacted during the Precious Imperium. Thus no one knows where the Jarpha came from, only where they have been. Their Progenitors gave them an immune system that prevents the Jarpha from engaging in cybernetic enhancement beyond the self-replicating support-mechanisms already deeply integrated into their cores that supply them with their armor, primary weapons and basic tools which they grow from feed-stocks absorbed through their root-like feet. They are heavily imprinted with a very narrow range of intrinsic skills making each individual Jarpha a competent member of the infantry.

The Jarpha utilize special birth-vats to mass-produce themselves, however they are each individually capable of bearing a squad of replacement units independently of the vats. A single Jarpha can re-spawn an entire regiment, given enough time. Scholars have argued for centuries as to whether the Jarpha are actually clones, or some other order of being. To those facing them in battle, it is a moot point; what matters is that the Jarpha can always opt to play the long game, it only takes one survivor to begin the process of rebuilding their forces. They prefer to employ overwhelming force wherever possible, even if it means taking the time to amass suitable numbers of troops, and they are rarely deterred by the threat of massive casualties.

The Jarpha have a presence on many, many worlds even as they serve many, many masters as mercenaries who have few qualms about whatever tasks they are assigned. Each individual may well grumble, as is the lot and wont of all soldiers, but as a group, the Jarpha are pragmatic fatalists who know that so long as one of them survives, they will eventually prevail. They can afford to be patient.

Heavy, ponderous beings suited to a wide-range of environments, gravities and circumstances, the Jarpha are capable of functioning violently within the majority of worlds, moons or habitats located within the Classical Humanocentric Life Zones.

Sometimes described as resembling bipedal hippopotamuses with some distinctly batrachian traits, the Jarpha are notorious for not having dreams, at least not as other species recognize them. The Jarpha are unique in how they seem to be devoid of that part of the psyche most often labelled as the 'Id.' Their subconscious is strictly regulated, organized and operates within an extremely narrow range of experience, making their minds highly resistant to outside tampering or deception. This strange trauncated aspect of their minds have made the Jarpha one of the few humanoid species that have successfully made inroads on various 'demonworlds' where ancient psychic weapons and technologies have been left running amok for eons.


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