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Martha (Writing Prompt 105)

Martha’s smile was dangerous. It wasn't the three rows of needle-sharp teeth she inherited from her mother. No. It wasn't the clear green venom that trickled across her pointed tongue. No. What made Martha's smile incredibly dangerous was the way she pouted her lips all luscious and lascivious and hungry-like. Blending appetite and avarice came easy to her, as it did for all her kin on her father's side. She rarely needed to do much else, just stand there in the usual pose, wearing the expected minimum, oh so pedestrian, all too conventional--it worked, so she didn't complain. There was always time to wear something else or to assume a more comfortable position when the screaming, the bleeding and the devouring was over. She liked it better when they thrashed about a bit. It almost made up for the damned shoes with those ridiculous heels... Ganymeder writes the Pinholes serial, among other wonderful things and they also post a Weekly Writing Prompt. This sh

Experiment IV

Just testing things out a bit. I wanted to see how this graphic would scale for the blog. Needs a little work...but it might work. Okay. Back to work...

Zeelia: Datadex Node (Appendix)

Datadex Node: An Appendix for Zeelia Jarpha Scalehounds A Collection of Episodes 1-20 of Zeelia: Coming Soon! Zeelia An Introduction     An Index

Datadex: Jarpha

Datadex: Jarpha Jarpha   (Jar-FAH) Their origins were forcibly redacted during the Precious Imperium. Thus no one knows where the Jarpha came from, only where they have been. Their Progenitors gave them an immune system that prevents the Jarpha from engaging in cybernetic enhancement beyond the self-replicating support-mechanisms already deeply integrated into their cores that supply them with their armor, primary weapons and basic tools which they grow from feed-stocks absorbed through their root-like feet. They are heavily imprinted with a very narrow range of intrinsic skills making each individual Jarpha a competent member of the infantry. The Jarpha utilize special birth-vats to mass-produce themselves, however they are each individually capable of bearing a squad of replacement units independently of the vats. A single Jarpha can re-spawn an entire regiment, given enough time. Scholars have argued for centuries as to whether the Jarpha are actually clones, or some ot

Zeelia: Cover-Test

Here's the cover for Zeelia (Episodes 1-20), as it currently stands. I'm in the process of getting the text portion of the thing wrangled into place now... And yes, that is a Jarpha on the cover...

365 Tomorrows: Not That Easy

I have a (really) short story that was accepted and published over at 365 Tomorrows . It's titled Not That Easy . Check it out if you're interested.

Quick Update (July 2014)

Yes, I've been busy wrapping-up a lot of work on projects that have been languishing on the desk for far too long.  No, I have not abandoned Zeelia. Far from it. I'm working on the cover art today for the compilation of Episodes 1-20. I'm taking the opportunity to revise the entries so that they can breathe a little bit better and are not quite so compressed as a few have gotten in the past. I also am writing-up a short prologue piece to help set things into motion. The finished pdf will go up to DriveThruFiction once my wonderful in-house editor has had a chance to go over it a couple of times with a fine-tooth comb. I'll also take a shot at converting it into some other formats using Scrivener, so we'll see how that turns out. If anyone has a suggestion as to another venue I should consider for the first Zeelia compilation, please let me know either via comments or email: garrisonjames64 -at- Gmail. Thanks! Once the compilation is done and out there, I plan on