Eight Sentences: Zeelia (19)

Lungs nearly bursting, nostrils burning, she broke surface and slipped out of the deceptively deep pool on the opposite side from where she had lain in wait. The trench-knife clipped into place on her hip, freeing her hands. She chose a likely-looking tree, actually some kind of gigantic celery-like fern-thing, and started climbing. Once high enough, and sufficiently covered by the thing's bracts, blades and burrs, she waited while the rain cleared the blood and scum from her armor and hair. Hoping against hope to get lucky at least once more, before the analysts realized that she wasn't going to play by their scrupulously codified and sanitized rules. There--A lone figure half-slid, half-stumbled down the muddy embankment. All the data and analysis in all the worlds can't make someone think when it matters; the Jarpha leaned in to try and see into the scummy pool. The wind felt good as she fell with the rain, her stolen trench-knife poised to strike.

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The Weekend Writing Warriors site sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend. Zeelia (1) was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at Weekend Writing Warriors for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out some of the other writers!


  1. Wow, is she in some sort of game? I never knew that before. What will the analysts do after they realize she is rebelling? Excellent eight.

    1. Whether or not she is in a game remains to be seen. However, a lot of her 'training' that she 'remembers' takes the form of simulations and predictive models...so you may have spotted something even she doesn't suspect yet. The analysts are having conniption fits right about now.
      She just went way out of bounds and has only gotten started...


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