Eight Sentences: Zeelia (18)

Blades, spades and blunt-force trauma were equated to the three fingers of a Jarpha's hand; the thumb was usually relegated to logistics. Full-service mercenaries, their Administrator-General bragged that they offered a complete range of tactical options suited to a wide range of situations, so long as their missions were limited to mid-scale human-livable environments and were focused on close-quarters, low-impact/no-footprint sorts of operations. These were the troops you sent into jungles, swamps and treacherous terrain where other units would get bogged-down or hacked to pieces by the locals. She knew all of this, having made a study of Dunstanovich's Posthumously Annotated Regulations and Commendations of Field-Level Commanders (Vol. III) that she had copied into her secondary, encrypted data-node before leaving Corazune. A prudent investment--what was that?

A Jarpha slipped and slid awkwardly down the same slope as she had. It floundered, struck a rock, bounced to the left, landed face-down and kept sliding. She scrambled up, out of the mud and helped the Jarpha slide farther, deeper, right into the scummy pool. Down, down, down she forced the thing, doing her best to avoid its slapping, thrashing tail-mace; making sure she was observed by it's onboard systems as she pulled out its own trench-knife and jabbed it in the face and neck until it went limp.

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The Weekend Writing Warriors site sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend. Zeelia (1) was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at Weekend Writing Warriors for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out some of the other writers!


  1. So much for not getting bogged down and hacked to pieces :)

    1. Hacking is like charity; far better to give than receive.
      hopefully she doesn't get too bogged-down now that she's gone on the offensive...

  2. Yikes! Quite the situation- I like how she handled it.

    1. We'll have to see how well she can carry on from here, now that she's turned the tables on her pursuers...or at least on this one...


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