Eight Sentences: Zeelia (17)

Their aerostat was less than useless in the misty drizzle, so the Jarpha were slogging through the mud, bitching about the weather as they went, like every other unit of infantry has done since the days of rocks and sticks. They didn't waste much time examining the craters and carnage where they'd taken-out some locals. Once it was confirmed that their target wasn't among the bodies they set off in slow pursuit, each one stomping along through the mist, muck and rain pissing down on everything. The Scale-Hounds hissed and frolicked in the rain; their sense of smell all but useless now.

Battle-tested cynics, the Jarpha embraced the principles of implacability and inevitability, patience and persistence were their watch-words, the core of the warrior-creed deeply imprinted into their flesh and blood. Like bloody-handed conquistador-archaeologists on a recently appropriated dig site; they followed a grid, methodically plodding along and letting their onboard observation-modules take a meticulous record of everything as they went along. That was standard operating procedure in this sort of environment; they let the analysts back at their staging area try to make sense of it all, piece together some strategic recommendations. Tactically-minded, the Jarpha were in their element; in the dirt, on the move, ready and raring to get into a fight. 

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The Weekend Writing Warriors site sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend. Zeelia (1) was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at Weekend Writing Warriors for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out some of the other writers!


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