REH Word of the Week (Feb 10, 2014)

Slashing talons tore through the rain-saturated canvas. Guy-lines snapped. Fetid, noxious fumes sputtered from the filth-choked camp-fire. Shrieking and squalling, the harpies had picked this spot well. Too well. They had us at their mercy. The night sky ripped asunder in the strident roar of the electric mitrailleuse we'd dragged along behind us since Marzivia and Draktus. It was over in a matter of seconds. The stinking hag-birds were too sure of themselves. Someone had tipped them off about our little expedition. Someone who either didn't know what it was that we were carting along behind us. Or someone who didn't care enough to warn the harpies. In either case we had an informer in our ranks. It wouldn't take long for the Colonel to call me into his field tent. One more time. I'd get stuck with sifting through the thoughts of the troops in our unhappy little band of brigands. He'd expect me to ferret-out the culprit. Even as deserters out in the middle of nowhere, I still can't catch a break. At least it stopped raining. For now.

The REH Word of the Week for February 10, 2014 was: Strident. I thought it made an interesting writing prompt.


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