Links: Interactive Fiction Resources

I've always been fascinated with those Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Fighting Fantasy series, all that sort of thing. Interactive Fiction intrigues me. That's one reason I've been writing Bujilli's adventures as an open-ended reader-directed experiment. I'm also at work on my own Pick-Your-Path sort of project.

Here are a few links to various Interactive Fiction resources. I'll update things as I uncover any new leads. Feel free to point anything I might have missed or overlooked in the comments. Thanks!

I've started work on a story using Inklewriter, and would like to do something through StoryNexus...once they allow users to import their own graphics. I've also been working on a more traditional C-Y-O-P sort of manuscript, off and on, in-between other projects. Maybe this year I'll get the thing done, finally.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014


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