Cutting Loose 1 (Friday Flash)

Broken glass shards. Haphazard debris left-over from last night's episode. One more shattered mirror. One more outburst. Shit's getting old. This time. Heh. This time I fooled them. Slipped. Fell. Ground my shoulder into the sharp glass. These well-fed idiots have gotten tired of my fits. My rantings and ravings are starting to bore the orderlies. Good. They overlooked the splinter I slid under my bunk. For later.

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    1. Sometimes a guy just has to do what a guy has to do...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! This one just happened as I was trying to write something else...

  3. I have a feeling even worse things are about to happen shortly.

    It puts me in mind a little of the deep cunning and planning of Hannibal Lecter,

    1. Yeah, that's a fair bet; in Wermspittle things can always get worse.

      Wow. That's quite a comparison. Thanks. I like to think of Peter here as a very desperate, exceptionally driven man in an intolerable situation. He's not quite a Campbellian 'Omnicompetent man,' but more like McGoohan's Number Six...sort of...and he definitely has a plan in mind. It just might not work out quite as he'd like...


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