Cutting Loose 4 (Friday Flash)

Glass can be wicked sharp. Every predator has their teeth. Even a desperate man. Especially a desperate man.

They brought a mirror in last time. An elegant, old looking glass salvaged from some bombed or burned-out mansion down along the Jumbles probably. It had a Pruztian look to it; all curlicues and jagged edges, each overlapping the other. Expensive stuff. Took me a while to break it. But they won't let me use my hands. No. Every time the roll in another mirror, they strap me into some heavy canvas and leather jacket. Once I'm properly restrained they unveil the damned thing and leave me alone with it and a candle or small lamp. They expect me to look. But I won't.

Mindgames. They're playing some sick, twisted little game with me. Like a cat tormenting its prey before killing it. That's what they want me to feel like. A mouse. Caught in a trap. About to be eaten. But I'm not buying it. No. They could have killed me any number of times before they took me. It's not simple murder that they intend. not even torture, strictly speaking. And I know my way around that matter all too well. Hazard of the profession and all that. Spies get caught. Eventually. If they don't get killed. The trick is in how you handle the captivity, turn it to your advantage. Spies know things. People want to know what we know. Where we've been. Who we've talked to. Who has been talking to us. If you're still breathing after being taken, it's because someone wants to know something they think you know. So long as they're in the trade. When it comes to amateurs all bets are off.

There's the key in the lock. This time it's the orderly who can't ever get it right the first two tries. The one who used to drool before they fixed-up his jaw. Good. He's precisely the one I was hoping they'd send. The lobotomized drone will stand there staring off into space if I time things just right. Shame to get blood on the Doktor's fancy clothes, but in these difficult times we all must make some sacrifices.

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  1. Well, that was certainly sinister! I like how you get into the character's mind. :)

    1. Thanks! This was a fun piece that just kept going. There's a parallel piece coming up on Friday. Might be another one...


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