Cutting Loose 3 (Friday Flash)

I won't give in. Never. They can't make me, they'll never break me. I survived Dorscheldt. I escaped Belzir-Hauftin. I may be crazy. Who wouldn't be after some of the things I've seen. Done.

You can never go home again. Heh. Once I thought that was just some quaint bit of bullshit. Now I know better. It's all too true. Going outside the fold changes things. Perspective is upsetting to the status quo. Experience is corrosive. Knowledge never set anyone free. Freedom is only ever purchased with blood and trouble. That's why tyrants fear knowledge. It allows one to weigh the options, to decide if it is worth the effort to stand against the way things have always been.

There's a special kind of madness that comes from knowledge. A personal thing. A refusal to accept things as they are, to give in to the inertia everyone else allows to persist. It's so much easier to just give up, give in, go along. Easier. Less painful. For a while at least. But ignoring predators only works for so long. Right up until they get hungry again and it's your turn. And as long as everyone else does like you did and ignores the screams, overlooks the blood, steps over the remains, everything will be fine and just go on like always. So many sheep in a pen. I don't intend to go quietly.

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