Cutting Loose 2 (Friday Flash)

Later. Much later. It's not thunder. No. they cannot fool me that easily. It's the door to the ward. The Doktor is making the rounds. Heh. Bet he looks at the slaves. Again. How could he help it? Perhaps it was unkind to let him know the secret of the slave's stigmata. At least that part of the secret that he could handle.

So many secrets. They shut me up in this place because I knew too much. No knife in the back, no poisoned chalice, no 'accident' in some dismal alley. Not for me. No. They couldn't risk it. Wouldn't dare it. So the cowards had me drugged. Gagged. Dumped into this cess-pit of festering neuroses and curdled brains. Damn them both. I deserved better.

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