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Smoke and Mirrors

The orphanage on Orange Street was burning. Again. Trin watched the flames lick their way through the smoke surrounding the decrepit pile of a place with a lop-sided smile. This could become a habit. He patted the lump where he'd jammed the coins into his coat-lining. It was foreign currency, but it would get him something to eat, possibly a place to stay. With luck, it'd be a warm place. One without bugs. The last of the children were rounded-up. They practically ran onto the carts and wagons his employers had brought along. A little coaxing was all it took to convince the others to get on-board. A few of the older ones had run off at the first sign of trouble. Frightened hares. They were too wary, too aware of their situation to hang around when things went bad. He'd been like that once. Before Kasker caught him. Trin wiped his cheek with a smoke-stained sleeve. The smoke was acrid. Made the eyes run. Everyone knew that. The wagons were moving out. That part was ov

Eight Sentences: Zeelia (6)

Red, black, red again; she fell through fronds that snapped, small branches that broke, twigs and leaves and runners. Then everything stopped abruptly. Stagnant water splashed around her legs. She was half-in, half-out of a depression in the muddy soil; a natural reservoir of rain-water. Slowly, painfully, she pulled herself out of the scummy pool and rolled onto her back. Nothing seemed to be broken; bruised thoroughly, but no fractures or anything embedded in her flesh. The armor she'd stolen from one of the hound-handlers had proven itself. She looked up towards the place where she had fallen through and groaned; the shaft of sunlight streaming through the tear overhead showed her the veiny underside of a gargantuan leaf. Previous                                                                                        Next An Introduction     An Index     Datadex/Appendix The  Weekend Writing Warriors site  sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every week

Eight Sentences: Zeelia (5)

Everything was wet, covered in a layer of moisture that had the consistency of spit. The ground was muddier, sloppier. It quickly became impossible to run; she was reduced to slogging through the sweet-smelling red muck. With any luck the canopy would shield her from her pursuers. The heavy, pungent stench might confuse the scalehounds' sense of smell. But she wasn't going to stick around to test out that theory. She kept moving. Then the ground gave way beneath her feet and she fell. Previous                                                                                        Next An Introduction     An Index     Datadex/Appendix The  Weekend Writing Warriors site  sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend.  Zeelia (1)  was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at  Weekend Writing Warriors  for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out s

Making the Rounds (Friday Flash)

Doktor Hesseline Vaughn paused at the heavily reinforced door to the ward. It was too warm in here. The fetid air saturated his clothes leaving behind a stink of desperation and despair that followed him along on his rounds. It made an unpleasant routine all the more distasteful. He examined his delicate white wermskin gloves. The gilded monogram might have been a bit much for most people, but he had been born into one of the Old Families. Some claimed his ancestors were among those who had founded the Second of the Three Encampments that had allegedly served as the nucleus to the original walled city centuries ago. He snorted derisively. Only fools and patients believed such errant folklore. He had seen too much during his tenure in this place to believe such nonsense and faery tales. No doubt it was all some sort of romantic rubbish intended to help salve the ego of some decaying old man locked in a room within one of the Six Manors. The door groaned as it swung slowly open. Chain

In an Obscure Wood...

Your prompt is:  in an obscure wood . I'm not going to die here. Not in this forsaken place. I survived the march out of Karlogne. Even with the new leg still baby-raw and not completely attached. Idiot Grood field-surgeons. I guess I'm lucky it was a leg. And the proper length. And that it faced the right direction. I've heard stories. We all have. Some orderlies and corpsmen have twisted senses of humor. Bastards. With any luck I'll never lay eyes on another blood-spattered, hunchbacked medic ever again. The trees are all twisted here. Gnarled and half-chewed. They're supposed to be apples. Maybe they were. Before the bombs. The Black Smoke. The Plagues. Apples aren't supposed to be black and wrinkly. Jarmis found a tree full of speckled apples that writhed like shriveled hearts. He just had to cut one open. Worms took his arm before we could amputate. Couldn't do it cleanly because of all his thrashing around screaming. We buried him out back o

Satchel of Volcanoes: An Entry for a Collective Poem

Darkness falls with a terrible clash, all cymbals and shattering glass. A righteous cacophony spilling over into the light, across the fields of vision, and down the stairs of perception. Drunk again. An exhalation of fur-clad trout in unseemly array flutter forth tut-tutting in falsified remorse as they flee the gnashing teeth of dim-eyed doves perched solemnly upon the heaped and humped backside of the invading clown prince. Satchel of Volcanoes is a collective poem that lives and breathes at the site. It has been running for about 15 years now and it is still ongoing and open to contributions.

Links: Online Fiction

I'm very interested in Online Fiction. I have posted stories at Burrst (soon to resume), tried out Protagonize briefly, and have sampled a few other services and platforms currently available. I'm currently at work on a serial intended for one of the sites listed below. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'll update this set of links as I learn more or run across anything new. Feel free to make recommendation and suggestions in the comments. Thanks! Amazon's Kindle Serials Authonomy Big World Network Burrst [ My Stuff at Burrst ] Byliner Coliloquuy Daily SF EpiGuide Fiction Press Fictionaut Figment Friday Flash Juke Pop Serials Maglomaniac Movellas Muse's Success Novelr Novels Online Online Novels Pandamian Plympton Protagonize Serial Teller Text Novel The Penny Dreadful   -- Seems Defunct Top Web Fiction Tuesday Serial Wattpad Web Fiction Guide Web Lit Web Serial Fiction at Goodreads Weekend Writing Warriors Las

Links: Interactive Fiction Resources

I've always been fascinated with those Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Fighting Fantasy series, all that sort of thing. Interactive Fiction intrigues me. That's one reason I've been writing Bujilli's adventures as an open-ended reader-directed experiment. I'm also at work on my own Pick-Your-Path sort of project. Here are a few links to various Interactive Fiction resources. I'll update things as I uncover any new leads. Feel free to point anything I might have missed or overlooked in the comments. Thanks! Brass Lantern Choice of Games Choice of Games ( Forums ) Choose Your Own Adventure (Books) Choose Your Own Adventure: IamCal Choose Your Story Choose Your Story ( Forums ) Fabled Lands Failbetter Games ( StoryNexus ) Failbetter Games ( Forums ) Fighting Fantasy Fighting Fantasy Project Get Lamp (Forum) Inform7 Homepage InkleStudios (Inklewriter) Inklewriter Interactive Fiction Archives Interactive Fiction Competit

Links: Market Info

A writer needs to know where to send their stuff. That's what these links are for. I'll try to update these links as I discover more market information sources. If you know of one that I've missed, please let me know in the comments. Thanks! Angela Benedetti's Anthology Market News Aswiebe's Market List Dark Markets Duotrope Fantasy Factor Fiction Factor Flash Fiction Markets Gila Queen's Guide The Grinder Ralan SF & F Short Story Markets SFF Markets SFWA: Where to Submit a Story Speculative Fiction Markets Speculative Literature Foundation Writer 2 Writer Last Updated: February 20, 2014

Prompts, Challenges and the Like

Here are a few links to various writing prompts and challenges. I plan on sticking with  Friday Flash Fiction   as well as the Weekend Writing Warriors (every Saturday) for the foreseeable future as both are a lot of fun and they've got me writing along nicely. I recently tried out the Trifecta Writing Challenge and might do it again. The first time I tried to use The Writing Reader's prompt, I wrote a story that has now been sent off to another venue, so yeah, I might just try that one out again fairly soon. Especially if the story gets accepted. If you know of any other prompts or challenges that you think I ought to know about, try out, or consider adding to this list, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Thanks! I'm also tinkering around with my own set of writing prompts. More on that later. 100 Word Challenge Art Prompt Generator Art Prompts Creative Art Prompts Daily Prompts at Way Too Fantasy Diabolique Strategies Fantasy Art Prompts Fla

Trifecta...Hold My Drink While I Try This...

Lately, I've been exploring some of the various online writing prompts out there. Not for ideas, but for a spur to get things done, to actually write. My goal is to write each and every day. Doesn't matter if it's one word or a thousand. some of this will go out onto the blog(s), but hopefully, more of it will be making its way to other venues. In the course of my online travels, I discovered a site called Trifecta , and they host a writing challenge that sounded intriguing. I'm not sure that I'll join-in every time, but I'm going to check it out every Monday and see if I can come up with something using Write or Die to hit the right word count. This challenge and that software seem to have been made for one another. As part of getting into the swing of this particular challenge, I'm supposed to cut-and-paste some questions to the blog here and answer them, then link it over to their site. I hate questionnaires. But here goes. What is your name (r

Trifecta: Week 102

This week's writing challenge at Trifecta was to write about love gone wrong in exactly 33 words, but not using the words love , sad , tears , wept , heart , or pain . below is my entry, written using Write-or-Die . How'd I do? Crisp. Clean. The air is sharp as knives. The waves crash like thunder through the rocks along the shore. It's a good place to be alone. To remember. To forget. But I can't.

REH Word of the Week (Feb 10, 2014)

Slashing talons tore through the rain-saturated canvas. Guy-lines snapped. Fetid, noxious fumes sputtered from the filth-choked camp-fire. Shrieking and squalling, the harpies had picked this spot well. Too well. They had us at their mercy. The night sky ripped asunder in the strident roar of the electric mitrailleuse we'd dragged along behind us since Marzivia and Draktus. It was over in a matter of seconds. The stinking hag-birds were too sure of themselves. Someone had tipped them off about our little expedition. Someone who either didn't know what it was that we were carting along behind us. Or someone who didn't care enough to warn the harpies. In either case we had an informer in our ranks. It wouldn't take long for the Colonel to call me into his field tent. One more time. I'd get stuck with sifting through the thoughts of the troops in our unhappy little band of brigands. He'd expect me to ferret-out the culprit. Even as deserters out in the middle of n

Eight Sentences: Zeelia (4)

She nearly lost a boot pulling her feet out of knee-deep leaf-mold. A quick adjustment and she was good to go. But go where? Away from the scalehounds and their masters. Quickly scanning her surroundings she spotted what looked like a fairly good option. It led deeper into the trees. Good enough. She ran for her life. Previous                                                                                        Next An Introduction     An Index     Datadex/Appendix The  Weekend Writing Warriors site  sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend.  Zeelia (1)  was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at  Weekend Writing Warriors  for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out some of the other writers!

Cutting Loose 4 (Friday Flash)

Glass can be wicked sharp. Every predator has their teeth. Even a desperate man. Especially a desperate man. They brought a mirror in last time. An elegant, old looking glass salvaged from some bombed or burned-out mansion down along the Jumbles probably. It had a Pruztian look to it; all curlicues and jagged edges, each overlapping the other. Expensive stuff. Took me a while to break it. But they won't let me use my hands. No. Every time the roll in another mirror, they strap me into some heavy canvas and leather jacket. Once I'm properly restrained they unveil the damned thing and leave me alone with it and a candle or small lamp. They expect me to look. But I won't. Mindgames. They're playing some sick, twisted little game with me. Like a cat tormenting its prey before killing it. That's what they want me to feel like. A mouse. Caught in a trap. About to be eaten. But I'm not buying it. No. They could have killed me any number of times before they took m

Cutting Loose 3 (Friday Flash)

I won't give in. Never. They can't make me, they'll never break me. I survived Dorscheldt. I escaped Belzir-Hauftin. I may be crazy. Who wouldn't be after some of the things I've seen. Done. You can never go home again. Heh. Once I thought that was just some quaint bit of bullshit. Now I know better. It's all too true. Going outside the fold changes things. Perspective is upsetting to the status quo. Experience is corrosive. Knowledge never set anyone free. Freedom is only ever purchased with blood and trouble. That's why tyrants fear knowledge. It allows one to weigh the options, to decide if it is worth the effort to stand against the way things have always been. There's a special kind of madness that comes from knowledge. A personal thing. A refusal to accept things as they are, to give in to the inertia everyone else allows to persist. It's so much easier to just give up, give in, go along. Easier. Less painful. For a while at least. But ign

Cutting Loose 2 (Friday Flash)

Later. Much later. It's not thunder. No. they cannot fool me that easily. It's the door to the ward. The Doktor is making the rounds. Heh. Bet he looks at the slaves. Again. How could he help it? Perhaps it was unkind to let him know the secret of the slave's stigmata. At least that part of the secret that he could handle. So many secrets. They shut me up in this place because I knew too much. No knife in the back, no poisoned chalice, no 'accident' in some dismal alley. Not for me. No. They couldn't risk it. Wouldn't dare it. So the cowards had me drugged. Gagged. Dumped into this cess-pit of festering neuroses and curdled brains. Damn them both. I deserved better. One   Two   Three     Four My Friday Flash Fiction Index

Cutting Loose 1 (Friday Flash)

Broken glass shards. Haphazard debris left-over from last night's episode. One more shattered mirror. One more outburst. Shit's getting old. This time. Heh. This time I fooled them. Slipped. Fell. Ground my shoulder into the sharp glass. These well-fed idiots have gotten tired of my fits. My rantings and ravings are starting to bore the orderlies. Good. They overlooked the splinter I slid under my bunk. For later. One     Two   Three     Four My Friday Flash Fiction Index

Eight Sentences: Zeelia (3)

Heavy, wet-red air flooded her lungs. Freefall. She looked down upon a riot of pungent plant-life that nearly overwhelmed the massively gnarled roots of gigantic scarlet-barked trees. She fell through a vast cathedral forest . Fronds and ferns, mossy-clumps and peculiar bumps; she clutched at branches, stems and runners, anything to arrest her plummet. Scalehounds howled mournfully behind her. Above her. She laughed--then she hit the dirt. Previous                                                                                        Next An Introduction     An Index     Datadex/Appendix The  Weekend Writing Warriors site  sponsors a round of 8-sentence excerpts every weekend.  Zeelia (1)  was my first 8-sentence except and has become a regular weekly feature here at my blog. There is a new Linky-list at  Weekend Writing Warriors  for everyone participating in the blog-hop each weekend. Be sure to check out some of the other writers!