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Mr. Machen, Strongbow Cider and a Hill of Beans

It's a beautiful, sunny day and I've just returned from a pleasant walk out amongst the towering oaks and lesser trees of one of the local parks. Had a shot of pumpkin syrup in my coffee while I was out. Warm sun and a cool breeze, the leaves are just beginning to change and we're on the very threshold of October. It's good to be alive. This past weekend, on Sunday, we went off to attend the Second Foundation Group's discussion of Mr. Arthur Machen. We met Mr. Till from the FATE SF & Everwayan  blogs for brunch there at Merlin's Rest, a Britophile-type pub. Brunch was pretty decent all in all, and I was happy to sample Strongbow Cider once and for all. Wonderful stuff. Especially for breakfast. Yum. So... In regards to Mr. Machen... "Sorcery and sanctity...these are the only realities. Each is an ecstasy, a withdrawal from the common life." ...I've read a great deal of his work, especially his weird fiction, some of his ess