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Work In Progress 5: Another Mask


Work In Progress 4: Mask

The tongue may, or may not be taken from some large beast and then mummified. It may have strange powers or particular ritual significance.

I have about a dozen of these things nearing completion...

Index: Friday Flash Fiction by Garrisonjames

Friday Flash
by Garrisonjames

The goal is to post a brand new piece of flash fiction every Friday. Most flash fiction clocks in at under 1,000 or 2,000 words, but can be as brief as 365 words, 101 words, 140 words, five or six sentences, even just six words. There's a lot of room for experimentation and exploration.
The Friday Flash meme is hosted by the nice people at the Friday Flash website. Sometimes I use the prompts, or I use other prompts, other times I don't use any prompts. It all depends on my mood and the phase of the moon.

You can find out more about the challenge, and what stories are available each Friday by clicking over to the Friday Flash G+ Group..
Stories are listed from Newest to Oldest.
Thanks for taking a look.

Chemistry Lessons (1)
Posted: 8/28/15
Silas and the Patchwerk Girl, a story from Wermspittle.

Posted: 7/30/14
Some family resemblances run deeper than mere appearances. Inspired by a writing prompt from Ganymeder.

Bacon and Eggs
Posted: 4/4/1…

Work-in-Progress (3)


Forbidden 001

On an archaeological expedition into the smoldering wastes of Alshain 4 funded by the Corvus Foundation, one overly curious young girl finds herself separated from the rest of the expedition by an unseasonally harsh gritstorm. Caught by surprise, Gabrielle Abrams is lost. Cut off from all communications. She's on her own. Good thing her parents taught her well...
The storm howled wildly all around her. The ground before her was swirling up into the air, lunging at her, tearing at her. The comm unit was one long, whine of static. Useless. Her envirosuit was degrading faster than it could heal. The grit in the storm was lacerating the silicanamel down to the carbon filament undermesh. The air-filters were clogged or torn to tatters; she was on recycled air now. She took another step forward. At least she thought it was forward. She couldn't tell any more. The storm was disorienting. Intimidating. She never really knew what elemental meant before.

The caves ought to be close. She …


Trying out some new techniques...

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Work-In-Progress (Raube9)