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Blast From The Past

We visited Midway Book , one of my favorite local bookstores today while we were out and about. The weather was very nice and it was good to be away from the monitor. I'm still not 100%, but it is good to be productive again and getting things done. Anyhow, it was a lot of fun to go rummaging around in the stacks of old paperbacks looking for dubious treasures. They were having a sale on all the books down in the basement, so I went to see what I might find. I picked-up a copy of Balzan of the Cat People: The Caves of Madness . Never heard of it before, but it appears to be the second installment in a short-lived series from the Seventies. It's a rollicking pulp-style sword-and-planet adventure with a protagonist referred to as 'The Tarzan of Outer Space.' I also found a copy of Dave Van Arnam's Star Barbarian which I'd heard about from a friend, but have never been able to track down until now. It's an obscure book, part of another series,  about a post