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From Old Sketchbooks...(1)

Circa 1984 Spent a little while digging around in some of my old sketchbooks. This was intended to be part of a mini-comic that never quite came together. Yet. It might be a fun project to go back over some of these older pieces and re-do them from the ground up, possibly as web-comics. When things settle down a bit, my eyes are fully recovered and there's time for this sort of thing. Maybe...

Five Hundred New Fairytales from Germany

The amazing collection of 500 fairytales gathered by folklorist and historian Franz Xaver von Schönwerth has been locked away in an archive in Regensburg, Germany for over 150 years. Jacob Grimm referred to von  Schönwerth as the only person in the world who could possibly replace him or his brother. Now that's high praise. You can read more about this incredible treasure-trove of obscure, once-lost fairytales at The Guardian . They also have a sample fairytale from the collection available for their readers: The Turnip Princess . Good stuff.

Blogwalking: Out Across the Sandscape

The ground becomes more sandy. The leaves underfoot give way to long, brown needles as from hemlocks or other conifers. Mottled rocks jut out from the sand. The air gets noticeably drier, the conifer needles underfoot rasp and crunch as you walk farther along the crumbling wall. The sand begins to drift into the gaps between the trees. You can hear a roaring, pounding noise off in the far distance. The trees thin out. It is considerably warmer now. The wall is nearly buried by the sand now. The trees are well behind you. Even the few stunted, twisted shrubs are becoming fewer and farther in-between. You reach the crest of a large mound of sand. There is a flat space at the top of the mound. Brushing away some sand reveals stonework. This once was some sort of round structure. A platform of some sort. Perhaps some sort of observatory or watch tower. The view is spectacular. Looking out for as far as you can see in nearly every direction the dunes go on and on and on into the hazy hor

Blogwalking: In the Woods

Fog obscures everything out beyond arm's reach, but it seems to be dissolving. It is getting cooler, or is it? The air has a silvery sheen overhead. The leaves are becoming crisper, even slightly crunchy underfoot. You can see patches of light snow here and there, right at that point in-between melting, thawing and freezing. It is impossible to tell if things are getting warmer or colder. It could be either. Or both. A loon calls in the distance. You can smell the rawness on the wind that pelts you with a light freezing drizzle that seems just on the verge of becoming real snow or giving up and falling as a cold rain. It could be either early morning or right at the verge of dusk. You feel in-between worlds. The very air is ambiguous with the diffusely luminous overcast above and the wet, black tree-trunks that surround you. This is a wild place, untamed, unnamed. More and more trees appear from out of the fog turned into mist. The skies grow darker as more clouds move in, b