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"Once he was just another lonely pseudo-organic battlesuit. Cooped-up in a stuffy old locker hidden away in some nameless meta-bunker. Buried deep beneath the curdled crust of a world where the enemy boiled away the atmosphere during the last engagement more than 27,000 years ago. Now he's a fully autonomous two-fisted ray-slinging adventurer fighting his way across a broken and irradiated subterranean wasteland, looking for a hat he can call his own, and a way off this cheap hunk of half-molten rock..." Instead of some guy in a cheap suit, this time the guy is a cheap suit... We'll be coming back to this one shortly... ZAP-man T-shirt by hereticwerks Design your own personalized tshirts at Zazzle

Blogwalk: In The Clear

The way through the trees proves much easier than you at first thought it was going to be. The fallen trees that appeared to be blocking the way were in fact heavily rotted and broken-up so that it only took a little zig-zagging to get past it all with no trouble. The ferns parted as you approached and the trees waved slowly, languidly in the gentle breeze coming  towards you from the clearing ahead. Clover. Slender, spear-like outcrops of delicate yellow-green grasses. Rich, loamy earth. The smells shift and change as the breeze picks up and you emerge into a clearing. The grass is slightly wet. It slips away from your hand, away from your feet as you walk through it. The sky is clear over head. Cloudless. The clearing is some sort of a hill-top, surrounded and hemmed-in by old, dark trees. You feel like you're standing within a crown of huge trees. Sleeping trees. At least, you hope they're still sleeping. You walk up to the summit, which is only a few dozen feet

Sketching Around

My eyes have been improving steadily, but I still can't spend very long at the monitor. So I've been doing a bit of work offline, and not just over-due laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Just like how Write or Die forces the user to write quickly, I've been experimenting with doing some line drawings in under three minutes. It really cuts down on the dithering. I've also been collecting scribbles from various folks and have begun to convert these scribbles into drawings, but this takes more than a couple minutes, usually. Here's a sample of the first one, still in-progress: Well, now it's on to Bujilli .

Reconsidering Ain 4

In the process of clearing-out a lot of dead-files and cleaning up loose ends, we found a few more pieces, both completed works and works-in-progress for the Ain 4 setting that we originally developed in collaboration with The Drune over at the IX blog for Humanspace Empires . Quite a few months have passed without any updates, so we're not sure just what is going on with this project any more. Maybe HSE is only lightly stunned, or just taking a nap, but in either case, we've decided to go ahead and gather together all of our AIN-4 materials in one place and go about completing the Astronaut Shrine adventure we began back when we still thought this was a wondrously shiny new thing. Well, it's still shiny, dammit. Only Ain-4 isn't so shiny. It's rather grungy. In a rusted-out, desolate, post-industrial wasteland sort of way.