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Empress of Wastelands

I was sorting through some older stuff, getting things cleared-out, finished, sent-off, or otherwise DONE, when I rediscovered this piece that was inspired by something I read at the Burning Zeppelin Experience blog a while back, before things got insanely busy. I originally dealt with this spontaneous bit of weird prose in a post to Old School Heretic:  Results of an Experiment in Structured Writing .  (Thanks Mark !) Re-reading this piece, I believe that this was the essential germ-spark that set Wermspittle into motion. Empress of Wastelands It was in the midst of a daemonical plague. A wretched, feverish pollution that brought about hundreds of freakish mis-births that wriggled and squirmed out from the victim's flesh regardless of their gender or anatomy or even whether they still lived. Writhing, tumorous things formed horribly deformed pustule-sacs that reared outwards from any and every bit of flesh exposed to the fetid miasma that wafted sullenly from the sewe