Reconsidering Ain 4

In the process of clearing-out a lot of dead-files and cleaning up loose ends, we found a few more pieces, both completed works and works-in-progress for the Ain 4 setting that we originally developed in collaboration with The Drune over at the IX blog for Humanspace Empires. Quite a few months have passed without any updates, so we're not sure just what is going on with this project any more. Maybe HSE is only lightly stunned, or just taking a nap, but in either case, we've decided to go ahead and gather together all of our AIN-4 materials in one place and go about completing the Astronaut Shrine adventure we began back when we still thought this was a wondrously shiny new thing. Well, it's still shiny, dammit. Only Ain-4 isn't so shiny. It's rather grungy. In a rusted-out, desolate, post-industrial wasteland sort of way.


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