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Earlier This Month

We enjoy taking time out and going for a walk through some of the wonderful local parks we have available near us here. This time out we did not spot our friends the great horned owls, but we rather appreciate this particular spot. It was a quiet moment, very cold but in a good way, the way that you learn to appreciate when you grow up in a place like Minnesota. For a little while it was almost like the old winters we used to have. The future isn't what it was going to be, but then neither of us really care for silver lame or spandex, so that's all to the good...

Creative Every Day Challenge 2012

We've just signed-on for the 2012 Creative Everyday Challenge  over at Hereticwerks .   We did this for part of last year and it was a good spur towards getting things done, so we're happy to try it out again this year. What it comes down to is that there will be at least one fresh, new post at Hereticwerks every day in 2012. Every day. 365 posts guaranteed, barring unforeseen events such as alien invasions, Cthulhu rising from the Pacific, or something along those lines. Then there'll probably be at least two posts per day throughout the duration of the crisis. Maybe three.

Bujilli Returns

After a hiatus of several months, Bujilli will be continuing his adventures at  Hereticwerks . The  character sheet , Map, and the Wandering Monster Matrix have all been posted to Hereticwerks. The first seven and a half episodes/installments will be re-posted, followed by a quick summary and Bujilli will be ready to go in time for a new episode on Thursday, January 12. New episodes in the series will be posted every Thursday. Bujilli's Sojourn  is an interactive story that gets written based upon the feedback and responses of you, the readers. Each episode will end with a set of options for you to consider and comment upon. The next episode will then be written based upon your decisions, your suggestions and your feedback. You are guiding Bujilli through his first real adventure away from the unscrupulous influence of his maternal uncle. You can help Bujilli find the  Synchronocitor  and to go onwards to other worlds that he might find a place for himself out there somewhere


We were recently interviewed as part of an on-going series at House of Paincakes blog network -- Musings of a Game-Store Owner: Intelligent Design . Loquacious is assembling a lot of diverse and interesting opinions and viewpoints from all across the gaming-o-sphere and we are both very, very honored and happy to have been included in such imaginative and talented company. The interview is HERE . What a wonderful start to the New Year!