Three Little Words...

So, with the demise of the Three Word Wednesday blog, the adventures of Bernitte and their serial Red Handed has been on hiatus, much like Bujilli. I considered making use of various random generators out on the web to provide a fresh set of three words every week...but none of them really quite hit the spot, not like the Three Word Wednesday prompts. It was a fun weekly challenge, for a while, a nice companion to producing a new episode of Bujilli's misadventures in Wermspittle (and Beyond) every Thursday and the Eight-Word Serial I was doing for Zeelia as well. In a way the Three Words challenge was a sort of warm-up for Bujilli & Zeelia both, and I have missed writing those serials quite a bit. Stopping wasn't exactly voluntary, but I don't wish to bore anyone with the gory details of my little excursion into serious illness and slow-going recovery. Let's just say that 'I got better,' (...more or less...) and leave it at that. I've spent a l

A Little Grubby...

...has become this... One of Six Critters [1] T-Shirt by hereticwerks So yeah, things are still moving forwards. Just set-up over a dozen new T-Shirts at Zazzle. More designs will be going to Red Bubble, TeePublic, etc. I'll update things once more stuff is out there and available.

Honest, Direct and Hits the Mark

So I ran across this over at yubtub and it really cuts through the soft and squishy clutter of slippery excuses and coddling consolations that just don't motivate or help one to get anything done. Ever. The only way to get anything done is to get it done; only way to write is to write. Thank you Alexa for some great advice.

A Few Things About 2018

So 2018 is nearly over and done with and I'm still working away on a ton of stuff, getting more done every day, getting better organized and more productive, more effective as I learn the ins-and-outs of Scrivener and InDesign and spend more time drawing or writing, just drawing or writing. As if "just" is anywhere near the right word for that. Yes, I did indeed participate in Leah's  Creative Every Day Challenge for 2018 . I did not post anything to this blog about it, mostly because I had to make the decision of where best to focus my efforts and energies, and I opted to work on getting healthy, getting back up to speed and being creative every day regardless of whatever I did or did not post to a blog or whatever. I dislike and distrust the notion that we ought to be documenting our every bowel movement or random thought to some social media collective cacophony. So I opted to work on my projects and let the blogs lie fallow for a bit. A new drawing, a new sho

Left-Over Doodle...

Click to Embiggerate This mask-face-thing was left-over from AEDM2017, so I spent some time playing around with some layers and color effects to try out a couple of things.